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Do you have a WhatsApp chat with yourself that has everything in it?

Whatson is exactly that. But designed to save you time.

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Directly on Your Most Used App

Whatson is an AI-powered chatbot 🤖 that lives in an app you already use every day!

Limited-time offer: Get 14 days FREE on us!

Whatson gives you more time to yourselfwith loved onesto enjoy lifefor a side hustlefor your dreams

Did you know that by saving 5 minutes a day, you get back over 30 hours a year?! Imagine all the things you could accomplish with an extra day 🤯

Save Time

Don't waste time digging through tons of messages!

Whatson's improved search helps you find keywords smarter and faster. Whatson can even summarize long messages into bullet points!

Never Forget

You're one text message away from never missing important things again.

Whatson can help you stay on top of your tasks, shopping lists, and even send you reminders.

Everything in One Place

Don't like having too many apps for different things?

Keep all your important notes, lists, and reminders in a single app that you already use everyday!

Why people love Whatson

I've always sent messages to a chat with just myself. Whatson does that but with added features to ease my day!


I hated having so many different apps for to-do lists, notes, and reminders. Now, I get to have it all in an app I use all the time!


I travel often and always forget that ONE thing. Whatson helps me stay on top of things I need to remember, easily accessible from my chat too.


Affordable Plans

Save your precious time for less than $0.10 a day!

Try Whatson for free on a 14-day trial, on us.

The Day Saver

<$0.10 /day (USD $2.99, renews monthly)


Unlimited messages

Unlimited Whatson help

Our gratitude 💚

Free donuts 🍩


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Start gaining more time now

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